Craftsman Chainsaw Reviews


Craftsman is an exclusive line of tools owned by Sears, and the company began selling those tools in the 1920s. Those shopping for power tools will often find that reading a few Craftsman chainsaw reviews is helpful. The company sells a number of different designs, and the number of available products changes regularly. Sears once sold products under the Craftsman Dunlap name, but it later discontinued those products to focus on higher end tools.

Just like Jonsered chainsaws, shoppers will find that Craftsman chainsaws come with a number of benefits and great features.

Craftsman 50cc 20' Gas Chain Saw - Case Included

Craftsman 50cc 20″ Gas Chain Saw – Case Included

  • The Craftsman 20″ Gas Chain Saw features a powerful 50cc, two-cycle engine to meet all your cutting needs
  • Is fully assembled for your convenience
  • Equipped with an anti-vibration handle to reduce fatigue while working
  • Case is included
  • Blade is made of durable steel

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

While other companies say they offer a lifetime warranty, those warranties often have a number of exclusions. If you used the chainsaw in the wrong way, used it on a specific material or you purchased the tool more than a year ago, the company will deny your warranty request. The unlimited lifetime warranty on Craftsman Chainsaws is one of the best in the business. You can return your chainsaw to Sears for any reason after you purchase it. The company can send your chainsaw out for repairs or give you the tools that you need to fix it on your own, but many stores will simply give you a free replacement chainsaw. If the blade is dull, it stops cutting properly, the cord frays or you have any other problems, and the company will repair or replace the tool for free.

Ample Selection

When checking out Craftsman chainsaw reviews, you’ll find that the company makes several types of saws. Gas-powered chainsaws give you more freedom when working outside. As long as you add fuel to the gas canister on the back of the saw, you can use it freely around your home or yard. If you spend more time working inside near electrical outlets, you’ll find that the company makes corded chainsaws in several sizes. You also have the option of a cordless chainsaw, which comes with a rechargeable battery. Craftsman also makes pole saws that let you cut through aluminum and other metals with ease.

Protective Cases

Several chainsaws from Craftsman come with a protective case that keeps your chainsaw safe when not in use. These durable plastic cases even have a special addition to the case that holds the blade and chain in place, and you can keep the blade and chain inside your saw when storing it in your home or garage. If you ever worried about your children gaining access to your tools, you’ll love having a protective case. This case will also keep away dust and debris that might affect the power of your saw.

Ultimate Power and Speed

If you want something that can cut through anything you come across, you want a Craftsman chainsaw. These saws feature cutting surfaces of up to 18-inches long, and the powerful metal teeth surrounding the chain will cut through almost anything. Specifically designed for working with woods, these saws let you chop down trees that are in your way, cut planks for home improvement projects and make quick work of clearing a field. Some of the top chainsaws can even cut through aluminum, steel, and other metals. As long as you wear gear to protect your face, hands, and eyes, nothing will stand in your way.

Craftsman has a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of power tools in the world. With power, speed, an unlimited lifetime warranty and multiple choices, these are the saws that you need for home improvement projects and more. Reading Craftsman chainsaw reviews is a simple way to find out which of the many choices is the best one for your needs.

Craftsman Electric Chainsaw Reviews

Craftsman has long been heralded as a producer of high-quality tools that can stand up to years of abuse and still perform as if they just came out of the package. This superior quality is attributed to the care that goes into an assembly in addition to the quality of the parts that go into each and every tool. This care helps to make any Craftsman Electric Chainsaw that you purchase one that will perform at outstanding levels and last for virtually a lifetime when it is given the proper care and maintenance. One of the strengths that this company brings to the table is that it produces chainsaws in a huge variety of sizes and at different price points. Nonetheless, every one can still be expected to perform at the same level. Any Craftsman Electric Chainsaw that you purchase comes with a limited warranty that is generally extended over a period of two years, ensuring that in the rare case that something technically breaks down; the company will work to back up their product.

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Even models of considerable size and blade length are ideally balanced in order to provide the best handling possible. Craftsman understands that these tools call for putting safety first and incorporate this concern into every make and model. Each Craftsman Electric Chainsaw that is released comes fully assembled, allowing customers to know that they have experienced hands engineering the tools that will go to work for them. The large majority of the models that Craftsman releases are ideal for small jobs around the home that include removing limbs, breaking down small trees, or pruning shrubbery.

Craftsman chainsaws have also gained a huge degree of popularity due to the fact that all of their saws can have their chains removed without the use of a key. Owners no longer have to search and struggle with chucks when they must perform maintenance or change out the saw’s toothing. Because the majority of people using this equipment are performing jobs around the home, this company designs their equipment to have very little kickback, an occurrence that can present some major dangers when using any type of chainsaw. Efficient chain brakes and carefully engineering handles also contribute to the outstanding safety precautions that come with every Craftsman saw.

There is very little maintenance that must be performed on these chainsaws over time. They feature bars and chains that are automatically lubricated as the saw is in use. This oiling system rarely needs refilling, making both occasional usage and day-to-day use an activity that requires little preparation. The chains that are designed specifically for Craftsman tools substantially increase the efficiency that comes with each cut as well. Every unit that they release fully complies with ANSI standards in addition to passing rigorous testing and quality control checks that Craftsman performs internally. Customers also get more than their money’s worth when you consider the fact that each saw packaged and delivered comes with one additional replacement chain, making the need to buy another chain one that will not arise for quite some time.

The majority of models that Craftsman produces come in a variety of finishes, and all of the metals used in construction are protected against a huge number of corrosive elements. Despite the fact that most models require the purchase of a separate power cord, there is the advantage of being able to choose your cord length depending on the job that is in front of you. Every individual saw also includes specialized features that are specifically designed for that model. For example, a sprocket nose or fitted guide bars all make life easier with a Craftsman Electric chainsaw in hand.

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