Craftsman Chainsaw Reviews


When there’s a tough plank or a log you can’t possibly go through with a hand saw (or it would
otherwise take you about 3 months), the best possible option would be the harness the might of an
internal combustion engine and get yourself a proper, woodworker’s chainsaw!
These tough and reliable apparatuses can not only save you a tonne of time when it comes to
dismembering a piece of wood but can also ensure your safety while doing it.
Also, you’ll get clean cuts every time! (Meaning the wood will get clean cuts not you, of course.)
In this here article, we're going to represent to you the best of the best – the latest series of small-to-
medium sized hand-held chainsaws from Craftsman, a company with a well-proven record of quality and
Right then, let’s see what these folks have in store for us, shall we?

1. Craftsman 18-inch 42cc Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Housing a powerful 42cc engine in its durable yet compact framework, the Craftsman’s 18-incher can be
a perfect tool for personal use. Since it isn’t too bulky and cumbersome, you can comfortably use this
chainsaw in domestic cutting tasks and smaller forestry-related ventures.
Ensuring the user gets the optimal performance that doesn’t come at the cost of handling and overall
comfort of the person wielding it, the folks at Craftsman decided to install a specialized anti-vibration
handle. This small addition to the design may not seem like much, but you’re bound to feel the
difference after cutting wood for 4 hours straight.
In order to make it as low-maintenance as possible, the Craftsman crew installed an automatic oiling
mechanism which provides continuous lubrication without having to get your hands dirty in order to do
so yourself.
Also, when it comes to tightening the chain, there’s a strategically-placed side screw you can use to fix it
into position without having to take the whole thing apart.

Prominent Features:

  • Compact yet powerful 42cc engine
  • A specially designed carrying handle
  • A novel Incredi-Pull system for easy starting of the motor
  • Automatic oiling mechanism
  • A handy ‘scrench’ for some impromptu settings
  • An oil bottle Included
  • A protective carrying case

2. Craftsman 20-inch 50cc Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Representing the bigger cousin of the 42cc model you’ve seen above, the Craftsman 20-inch 50cc
chainsaw is a likewise gas-powered tool but more powerful than the first model and with a longer
cutting surface.
Since this model offers more cutting power, you can use it to perform bigger cutting tasks such as
cutting down trees and particularly tough-to-split logs, for example. As is the case with the model from
above, this chainsaw also comes fully assembled and ready to go as soon as you receive it.
Following through with their trend of installing anti-vibration technology in their chainsaws, the folks at
Craftsman equipped this model with such a configuration, as well. This ensures the user can use this tool
for prolonged periods of time before getting tired.
Also, to provide quick and easy transportation of this chainsaw, the designers at Craftsman made sure to
create a suitable carrying case for it. This case is included in the offer, as well.

Prominent Features:

  • long 20-inch cutting surface
  • The blade is made out of durable, high-quality steel
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to go
  • Anti-vibration technology for reduced worker fatigue
  • Comes with a carrying case

3. Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 10-inch Cordless Chainsaw

Last but not least, we’ve got a tough little electric chainsaw that can do wonders for smaller cutting
tasks. Powered by a small but mighty 25 amp-hour Lithium-Ion battery, this Craftsman model can
perform as well as its bigger, gas-powered cousins without any issues.
Due to the fact that it has a battery installed in its housing, you don’t need to worry about any cords or
other supporting equipment that can get in your way during a cutting task. When the time comes for
you to charge it up, you can use the charging cord that comes as a part of the package and stick it into

your standard household power outlet. The recharging process itself will take no more than 70 minutes,
For increased comfort and improved handling, this model comes with ergonomically-enhanced handles.
When it comes to setting the chain and the bar, all you need to do pretty much amounts to using the
tool provided to tighten the bar and the chain on it to your liking.

Prominent Features

  • A compact 10-inch bar
  • A powerful 24V electric motor
  • A durable 25 amp-hour battery
  • The battery recharges in about 70 minutes
  • Comes with a carrying case

What are some Great Features of Craftsman Chainsaws

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

While other companies say they offer a lifetime warranty, those warranties often have a number of exclusions. If you used the chainsaw in the wrong way, used it on a specific material or you purchased the tool more than a year ago, the company will deny your warranty request. The unlimited lifetime warranty on Craftsman Chainsaws is one of the best in the business. You can return your chainsaw to Sears for any reason after you purchase it. The company can send your chainsaw out for repairs or give you the tools that you need to fix it on your own, but many stores will simply give you a free replacement chainsaw. If the blade is dull, it stops cutting properly, the cord frays or you have any other problems, and the company will repair or replace the tool for free.

Ample Selection

When checking out Craftsman chainsaw reviews, you’ll find that the company makes several types of saws. Gas-powered chainsaws give you more freedom when working outside. As long as you add fuel to the gas canister on the back of the saw, you can use it freely around your home or yard. If you spend more time working inside near electrical outlets, you’ll find that the company makes corded chainsaws in several sizes. You also have the option of a cordless chainsaw, which comes with a rechargeable battery. Craftsman also makes pole saws that let you cut through aluminum and other metals with ease.

Protective Cases

Several chainsaws from Craftsman come with a protective case that keeps your chainsaw safe when not in use. These durable plastic cases even have a special addition to the case that holds the blade and chain in place, and you can keep the blade and chain inside your saw when storing it in your home or garage. If you ever worried about your children gaining access to your tools, you’ll love having a protective case. This case will also keep away dust and debris that might affect the power of your saw.

Ultimate Power and Speed

If you want something that can cut through anything you come across, you want a Craftsman chainsaw. These saws feature cutting surfaces of up to 18-inches long, and the powerful metal teeth surrounding the chain will cut through almost anything. Specifically designed for working with woods, these saws let you chop down trees that are in your way, cut planks for home improvement projects and make quick work of clearing a field. Some of the top chainsaws can even cut through aluminum, steel, and other metals. As long as you wear gear to protect your face, hands, and eyes, nothing will stand in your way.

Craftsman has a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of power tools in the world. With power, speed, an unlimited lifetime warranty and multiple choices, these are the saws that you need for home improvement projects and more. Reading Craftsman chainsaw reviews is a simple way to find out which of the many choices is the best one for your needs.

All in all, these three Craftsman models are getting increasingly popular on the market thanks to their
durability, reliability, and excellent performance. Whether you like the big, gas-guzzling 50cc tree-
cutting monster or a small but plucky 24V electric chainsaw, getting a Craftsman certainly won’t leave
you disappointed!


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