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Here you’ll find a plethora of product research and consumer ratings in helping you decide which chainsaw is best for you and your tasks. The website is broken down in multiple parts covering gas and electric chainsaws, maintenance and tips to keep your new chainsaw running for years to come.

Being a chainsaw owner myself for several years I’m including my own tips throughout the site, many of which can save you a lot of time and money. Learn from my blunders and all the great resources provided here. This is a fairly active community so if you should have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Most chainsaws are available through Amazon with the acceptation of Stihl. Remember that the warranty is covered by the product manufacturer, so if you have any trouble any authorized dealer can assist. The first chainsaw I ever purchased the local dealer went out of business one month later (this after being in business for 14 years) so I thought I was stuck however when I found out any authorized dealer can service the saw I breathed some relief.

How Do You Find The Best Chainsaw?

# Preview Product Price
1 Greenworks 14-Inch 9-Amp Corded Chainsaw Greenworks 14-Inch 9-Amp Corded Chainsaw $36.71
2 BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 10' BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 10″ from $90.17
3 DEWALT DCCS670X1  FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Brushless Chainsaw, 3.0AH battery DEWALT DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Brushless Chainsaw, 3.0AH battery from $279.41

This chainsaw reviews guide was created to provide a large pool of resources of reviewsvideos and tutorials to help you made an education decision of what is the best chainsaw for you. You’ll find there are a lot of brands, each brand features multiple sizes (both bar length and engine/motor size), types such as gas or electricand other features that can make the job easier and safer. A chainsaw, when maintained properly, can last years and years and makes a great investment. I don’t use my chainsaw for my job, however when a job arrises that I need it, it helps that’s it’s ready to go. We’ll offer you several tips along the way so that once you’ve selected your new chainsaw you’ll know the best way to make use of it. If you’re like me, I like to quickly get to the facts when making a purchasing decision. Here’s how you can use this site to your benefit:

  • In-depth product reviews – So you know a little history about the manufacturer as well as the product.
  • Detailed interactive comparison charts – See the product models side-by-site with the ability to sort by bar length, engine size, weight, etc.
  • Ability to shop on-line – Take advantage of aggressive pricing and delivery to your doorstep.

There are a lot of manufactures of chainsaws to choose from whether gas or electric. It’s our objective to provide you unbiased reviews and analysis of each helping you make a smart choice.

Best Gas Chainsaw


Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start
Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start

  • Powerful 18-inch gas-powered chain saw ideal for landowners and others who cut less regularly
  • 3.2 HP X-Torq engine reduces harmful exhaust emissions and increase fuel efficiency
  • LowVib vibration dampening; minimal effort via Smart Start feature and combined choke/stop control
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system; inertia activated chain brake; snap-lock cylinder cover
  • CARB Compliant

Best Value Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw With Carrying Case
Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw With Carrying Case

  • DuraLife Engine – for longer engine life
  • Super clean air filter system – extends the life of the air filter
  • Effortless pull starting system and reduced vibration handle, reduces operator fatigue
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Includes carrying case and on-board locking scrench holder

Best Electric Chainsaw


WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling
WORX WG303.1 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling

  • Powerful 14.5 Amp motor delivers consistent performance, durability and reliability
  • Patented auto-tension chain system means no over-tightening, also extends life of bar & chain
  • Enjoy added safety thanks to the built-in chain brake and low kickback bar
  • Auto oil lubrication and built-in oil reservoir with level indicator
  • Rubber over-molded rear handle and ergonomic full-wrap front handle for increased control and comfort during use

There are three main power sources for chainsaws, gas, electric corded and battery chainsaws. If your considering any time of medium to high duty projects then we’d recommend investing in a gas chainsaw. You will typically get longer use besides more power and you can usually find finding parts and fixing them easier. However, electric chainsaws have come a long way in recent years. If your considering light duty work, then electric chainsaws can be a good fit.

With the choice of corded or cordless we prefer corded because it’s ready to go when you are and you won’t be in the middle of a cut before you need to swap out batteries and do a recharge. You do need to drag a cord around however once I start a project I like to finish it without interruption. If you are set on battery operated then there are some great choices we review on this site, just keep in mind that batteries don’t last forever so you’ll want to consider investing in a spare or two when you make your purchase, especially since parts can be hard to come buy in the future if the model is discontinued.

Blue Max 8902 14-Inch 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw With Free 20-Inch Bar

Homier Distributing – Lawn & Patio

Echo CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw


Blue Max 6595 18-Inch 45cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

Homier Distributing – Lawn & Patio

Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start

Husqvarna – Lawn & Patio
Tanaka TCS40EA18 18-Inch 40cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Rear Handle Chain Saw

Hitachi – Outdoor Power – Lawn & Patio
Remington RM5118R Rodeo 51cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

MTD Southwest – Lawn & Patio

In this table below we break down some of the top choices available for gas powered chainsaws. If you’re working within a tight budget you can still find a great name brand that will give you a better chance of finding parts and servicing in the future, we’ve included these in the list and throughout the website. If you’ve never owned a chainsaw before we highly recommend that you read your owners manual throughly before operating it besides purchasing the appropriate safety gear (eye, let and calf protection, hearing protection, etc.) before starting your job. There are a lot of chainsaw accidents each year, take the extra time to understand the operation of your chainsaw and have the proper protection. We’ve included many videos on this site to help you with the different facets of owning a chainsaw.

Chainsaw Types

Gas-powered chain saws: They typically have more power and have faster chain speeds than their electric counterpart. As a result cuts will be quicker, smoother and with less effort. However, they are heavier, noisier and do require refueling. They can also require several pulls to start however higher-end gas powered chainsaws usually require less pulls. Gas powered chainsaws usually work best for those that use one more frequently, on harder jobs or in remote areas.

Electric chain saws: The benefits are they cost less, start effortlessly, weight less and most just plug into a standard extension cord, a 12-gauge is recommended. They are best for smaller, lighter duty projects such as trimming small tree limbs or shrubs. Since they are reliant on power it does limit how far your work area can be. There are options for battery powered chain saws that will provide more freedom of where it’s used. For chainsaws requiring a cord the bar length is typically 12-14 inches and cordless battery models are 12 inches.

Chainsaw Safety

Several safeguards have been added to chainsaws that are even now found in inexpensive models. Even so, there are thousands of chainsaw related injuries each year. Here are recommendations when using a chainsaw:

  1. Wear tight, snug fitting cloths
  2. Wear heavy, durable work boots
  3. Shield legs with chaps
  4. Wear protective gloves
  5. Use ear plugs
  6. Wear a helmet with a face shield
  7. Apply regular maintenance including keeping the blade sharp, property tensioned and chain oil filled

Check out this link from OSHA on Chainsaw Safety.

Chainsaw Features

Chain Brake: Provides a quick stop to the chain if the saw kicks back or if the front hand guard is pushed forward. Chain Catcher: Under the bar this is a metal extension that helps keep the chain flying back towards the operator. This can occur when a chain has become loose from improper tensioning. Shielded Muffler: Prevents hands and fingers from getting burned while operating. Trigger Lockout: A separate switch located near where the palm rests that must be pressed before the saw will run. Chain Oiler: Automatic feature that keeps the chain lubricated while cutting that prevents the chain from wearing out as quickly and overheating. Anti-Vibration: Found mostly in gas models, it minimizes vibration so that the operator doesn’t get fatigued as easily. Bar-tip Guard:  Covers the nose of the bar that helps prevent kickbacks. Case: Most saws include a case however if it doesn’t there are many available form third parties. Wraparound handle: Additional handle for gripping the chainsaw when making horizontal cuts needed when cutting trees.


Chainsaws are a great tool to have available especially for unpredicted situations such as downed trees from a storm. With so many brands and models to choose from it can easily become confusing which is why we developed this site. Be sure to click on your favorite brands to see additional information and interactive comparison charts to help with your decision process. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please drop us a line or leave a comment on a post, we’d love to hear from you. We hope that you have enjoyed and found this site useful in your chainsaw selection.

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