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+ (Including Argon Gas Regulator & Torch Set)
  • – Exporting more than 10 countries
  •  – All TIG Functions available and adjustable
  •   (Current, Crater, Pulse, Up-Down slope, TIG & ARC)
  •  – very light and compact size(14kg~)
  •  – Heavy Duty(Usable for all day long)
  •  – You can plug in an ordinary outlet
  •  – Built in safety device/ Temperature sensor
  •  – Designed for tropical weather
  •  – With 6 months warranty and torch/cable(8m)
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  • Exporting more than 10 countries
  • Very Light and Compact size(8 kg~)
  • Very easy to operate
  •  Heavy Duty
  • (Usable for all day long & all kind of metals)
  • You can plug in ordinary outlet
  • Designed for energy saving
  • Built-in safety device / Temperature Sensor with 6 months warranty
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What are the power tools used with electricity?

Wired electric power tools produce unmatched durability and reliability. Power tools have become a common part of our everyday life. This power tool helps us complete complicated tasks easily which would be difficult otherwise. These tools can be dangerous and can cause severe injuries if not properly utilized.

Read the user manual before using any power tool in order to prevent injuries and accidents. Some power tools used in electricity are listed below. If you’re looking to buy a new chainsaw, make sure you check out our Jonsered chainsaw review.


•    Electric Blowers and vacuums

It’s hard to use a rake or a brush to clean up the leaves and dust. Electric leaf blowers and vacuums can do the job easier and quicker. Wireless blowers and vacuums can be costly. Corded blowers and vacuums are great for smaller spaces and are also budget friendly.


•    Jackhammer

A jackhammer is an electrical power tool that combines a chisel directly with a hammer. Jackhammer was invented by William Mcreavy, who later sold the patent to Charles Brady King. A jackhammer functions by moving an internal hammer up and down. A hammer is first moved down to strike the working surface and, moved back to the previous position to repeat the cycle.


•    Electric Drills

An electric drill is a drill that operates using an electric motor. The invention of electric motor paved the way for the invention of electric drills in 1889. The portable drill was created by brothers Wilhelm & Carl Fein. The first pistol-grip drill was patented by Black & Decker.


•    Electric Heaters

An electric heater is a device that converts electric current to heat. An electrical resistor is present in every electrical heater, and it works on a principle of Joule heating. Joule heating states that an electric current passing through a resistor will convert the electrical energy into heat energy.


•    Electric Saw

Electric Saw is not a common household tool. But most industries require the usage of an electric saw. It makes perfect and accurate cuts to produce a better-finished product.


•    Soldering Guns

It is a pistol-shaped power tool. It is used for soldering metals to achieve a firm binding with an electrical contact between metals. The tool is equipped with a trigger style switch so it can be easily operated with one hand.


•    Staple gun

It is a handheld machine used to drive heavy metal staples into wood, or any other objects. These tools are used for installing carpet padding and upholstery of furniture. There are various types of staple guns available manual, electrical, battery powered.

How To Split Wood

So you want to split wood?  Chopping your own wood has many advantages.  In the winter, heating your house with wood can save you hundreds of dollars.  With nothing but a chainsaw and a axe, you can easily split your own wood.  In this guide we’ll teach you and show you how to split wood yourself.

How to Split Wood

How does one split wood?  It’s important to do it safely.  With an axe swinging at the high speeds that they are, a glancing blow can strike you can cause serious injury.  Practicing caution while chopping is key.  Be sure to keep in mind where any bystanders are while you are chopping, so you do not accidently strike them.  Keep a cell phone nearby so that you can call the paramedics in the event of an emergency.

The first thing you need to do is to cut the log you plan on using into usable pieces.  Get a chainsaw and cut the log into sections.  How long the sections are will depend on the size of your fireplace.   Keep in mind however that the shorter your sections, the easier it will split.  Be careful while cutting with the chainsaw.  A chainsaw is a powerful tool, and can easily injure you.  Make sure you always cut with the blade facing away from you, so that if the saw kicks back, it will not hit you.

Once you have the sections cut, you need to place the section you intend to split on your chopping block.  This can be anything that will help raise the wood, most often a thicker section of the tree’s trunk.  Raising the section like this makes the wood easier to chop, and puts less strain on your back.  This is crucial for avoiding injury.  When preparing to chop, it’s important to dress appropriately.  Wear protective clothing like leather gloves and safety glasses.  These will keep you from getting blisters, and the glasses will protect your eyes from flying splinters.  Solid boots, preferably steel-toed are also recommended, as these will protect your feet in the event of a glancing blow.


The objective of splitting wood is literally that: splitting the log.  If struck correctly, the wood will splinter into triangular sections with very little effort.  With your ax, swing down a strike the wood on the top.  The first chop should split the log in half.  With each successive swing, you should aim to chop the remaining bits into smaller and smaller pieces.  Look for things like existing cracks in the log to aid you in this effort.  Knots should be avoided, as they are generally hard to split.  Go around these if possible.

Swinging the axe is not really about swinging, but more controlling.  The goal is to get the ax into position, let it fall naturally, and then accelerate the axe as it falls.  As you swing, bring your hands to the bottom of the axe shaft for best effect.

Once you have your split sections, stack them!  Because of their triangular shape, the sections can be tightly stacked and prepared to be burned for the winter.

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw

Chainsaws are the woodsman’s most useful tool.  If you plan to get the most out of your chainsaw, you need to know how to sharpen a chainsaw.  Keeping your chainsaw maintained is key for making perfect cuts.

Chainsaw blades come in different sizes, and you need to know the size of your chainsaw teeth when sharpening the blade.  Once you know the size of your teeth, you need to buy either a grindstone or file to sharpen the teeth.  Buying a grindstone or tile that is the same size as your teeth is imperative.  Using too small of a tool will make the teeth uneven; while too big will not fit inside the chain.

Starting Out

Before you begin sharpening, you need to clean off the blades of the chainsaw.  In order to clean your chainsaw, start by removing the clutch to your saw.  This will give you easier access to the entirety of the chainsaw blades, which you will need to clean the entire length of.  Use mineral spirits, or alternately a commercial degreasing agent that will help eat away at the gunk that slowly builds up on the saw.  These can be found cheaply and easily at most home improvement or department stores.  Take a rag and wipe away the gunk after the cleaning agent has had some time to soak in.  One you have the gunk removed from the chains, go ahead and take time to check the chains for any broken or weak links.  If you discover anything, you are better off simply taking the chain into the shop and purchasing another one.

Once you have the chains cleaned off, it is time to begin sharpening!  Take your saw blade and put it in a vise grip.  Clamp it down well so that it will not move during the sharpening process.  There are two parts of a chainsaw tooth: the cutter and the drive link.  The cutter appears as an angled sort of hook, and is responsible for most of the cutting action of the chainsaw.  Put your file on the notch inside of the hook, and behind moving the file in and out of the hook to sharpen it.  Try to file the notch at a 25 to 30 degree angle for best results.  Repeat this process down the entire length of the chainsaw blade, so that all of the teeth are equally sharp.

Finishing Up

Once you have the chainsaw blades sharpened, reattach them to your saw, and reattach the clutch.  After sharpening, you should lubricate the saw so that it continues to run smoothly.  There should be a well in your chainsaw that will allow you to fill up with lubricant.  There are also other points of wear on the chainsaw that should be cleaned regularly, such as the air filter, air intake, flywheel pins, and brake band.  The chainsaw chain is not the only part that needs regular cleaning.

Ensuring that your entire saw is consistently cleaned will help ensure that your saw runs well for days to come.

Best Cordless Power Tool Brands

Carrying out a task with the best power tool can cut down hours of work. It is true that each cordless power tool brand is unique, with their pros and cons. Most of the power tools featured on this list have risen to the top by excellent performance in this competitive market.


DeWalt is an American brand of power tools and other tools for construction, manufacturing, and industries with woodwork. The company was established in the year 1924. DeWalt is the business name of Black & Decker (U.S) inc.


  • Great tools with good engineering
  • The drills and impact tools are specifically good
  • A constantly expanding 20V max lineup, many 60V Max and 120V Max FlexVolt game-changing tools and technologies.
  • Unique tools like a brushless framing nailer and threaded rod cutter


  • A 12 V max lineup
  • It is certain to wish for black and yellow tools from other brands

Noteworthy products:

  • Flexvolt tools
  • 3-speed brushless drills



Makita is a Japan-based power tool manufacturing company. It was founded on March 21, 1915. Makita operates factories in Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, UK, and the United States.


  • Expanding and broad product selection
  • Fast 18V battery charging times are standard
  • Revamped 12 max platform
  • Steady stream of innovations


  • Makita is a little slow in adopting industry trends
  • Hard to identify products of a given kind to choose from

Noteworthy products:

  • Cordless steel rod cutter
  • Cordless pin Nailer
  • Cordless impact driver
  • Cordless cyclone cleaner

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

The Techtronic industry’s child company Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has its headquarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The company was founded in the year 1924 by A.F. Seibert.


  • Great quality and reliability
  • Fantastic 18V class lineup
  • Unmatched 12V class lineup
  • LED work light selection
  • Active innovations


  • The company’s higher power battery is not enough to drive the next generation high-powered cordless power tools.

Noteworthy Products:

  • Fuel powered, brushless tools offers high performance
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner


Bosch is a German Engineering and Electronics company founded by Robert Bosch in the year 1886. The company has its headquarters in Gerlingen, Germany. The company’s core products are the automobile components which includes brakes, controls, fuel systems, starter motors, etc. they also produce industrial tools and household appliances.


  • Great performance and reliability
  • Well-rounded 12V and 18V lineups, a good overall brand


  • Bosch is not active as other brands

Noteworthy products:

  • Cordless Combo Kits
  • Blowers and cordless grinders

•    Cordless rotary hammers


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When Did Power Tools Become Popular?


Humans use tools from the beginning of time, but all through our history, our ability to perform chores and tasks was limited by our power and vitality. Since the ancient Egyptians started using hand-powered lathe a long time ago, humans have managed to complete some difficult tasks like building and assembling easier, quicker, and more efficient using power tools.

The World’s First Power Tool

The world’s first power tool was developed by the German Engineering company C&E Fein by combining the capacity of an electric motor with a manual drill in 1895. The heavy drill weighed 16.5 pounds. But the machine was not easy to use. It was powered by a large but a less power DC motor. The motor did not produce sufficient rotations. The operator has to use his both hands to operate the drill. The user has to lean against a chest plate at the top the drill in order to help press it onto the working surface.

After 20 years of the invention of the first power tool, someone managed to improve the design. In 1910, a worker named Duncan Black sold his car for 600 dollars and used the money to start a machine shop with his friend Alonzo Decker in Baltimore. In 1914, they decided to improve the C&E Fein power tool by adapting the design of the Colt .45 automatic pistol. They began producing their famous pistol-grip electric drill in the year 1916. All modern electric drills have been descended from this Black & Decker pistol grip drill. The drill was not only lighter it includes a powerful DC motor, and one person can easily operate the drill. Black and Decker were soon followed by a lot of companies with their own power tool ideas.

In 1923, the world’s first radial arm saw was invented by Raymond DeWalt. The arm saw is made of a sliding circular saw that could make long and deep cuts with accuracy. He later established DeWalt power tool Company in Baltimore, Maryland.

Founded in the year 1915, Japan’s Makita Corporation has developed and created some cordless, battery powered power tools. The hand-held drill is a notable creation of the Makita Corporation. Makita now manufactures over 350 various kinds of power tools.


As developed and developing nations are becoming more technology-driven, the power tool industries are trying their best to meet the standards and expectations. Power tools have now become easily affordable. Though there are still some tools that cannot be modernized or developed even today, e.g.,  Hammer.

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OCTO POWER TOOLS joined MANILA CON 2010 on Sep 2 to 5, 2010 at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Philippines.

We were able to meet our new valuable customers through the exhibit.

During the exhibit, we showed actual welding demonstration of ASEA DC Arc and Plasma cutting machine. And Ms. Sembrano, TV news reporter, visited our booth and had a picture taking with us


Best-selling welding machine!!
– Exporting more than 10 countries
– Very Light and Compact size(8 kg~)
– Very easy to operate
– Heavy Duty
(Usable for all day long & all kind of metals)
– You can plug in ordinary outlet
– Designed for energy saving
– Built-in safety device / Temperature Sensor
– with 6 months warranty